Darklang for F# Developers

I've been working on Dark/Darklang for about a year. It's a holistic tool for building backends.

Hello World

Dark's backend is currently written (mostly) in F#, and its code is source-available. This video provides an overview of what Dark is and how to use it, followed by a lengthy tour of Dark's F# backend source code.

I hope this is interesting for some F# devs wanting to take a peek into some random codebase - this is my F# Advent 2022 submission!

A few quick disclaimers:

  • ...I didn't mean this to be 4 hours long - I started losing steam towards later segments, sorry!
  • This really isn't meant as any 'promotion' for Dark (although...) - it's just the only "F# thing" I've been thinking about for the past year :)

Some links: