Talk notes: "Graphs: Love, Theory, and Data"

Talk notes: "Graphs: Love, Theory, and Data"

I recently gave a talk on graphs at Philly.Net's 2018 Code Camp. It was a full room, and I had a great time giving this talk for the first time. If you came to the talk, thanks!

This was a talk on the Graph data structure, subtopics ranging from my love for graphs to graph databases and computation engines.

The Prezi 'slides' that I used for this talk are are here.

The picture above is how I actually planned this talk - with a graph drawn onto a whiteboard resting on my couch. This is typical of my talk-planning sessions.

I will be uploading relevant code samples and linking them here in the next days.

If you're interested in watching a recorded version of this talk, please let me know - if there's enough interest, I'll record a version at home to post on YouTube.